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Organic Beauty On A Budget

Natural and Organic Beauty Must Haves For A Girl On A Budget

When it comes to caring for our beauty and the health of our skin, quality products are a must! The last thing we want is products that contain a bunch of toxic ingredients. I always thought cheap makeup would mean lower quality but it doesn’t have to. Then I found myself not wanting to waste my money thinking I am getting a non-toxic product, only to find out they fooled me. I set out on a mission to find products that can be the best of the best. Guess what? That mission was a success in finding affordable makeup that meets the criteria for being truly beautiful and natural.

Most of the store-bought brands and even the high end beauty brands contain many synthetic chemicals and known toxins. These ingredients not only could cause many problems for your health but will eventually break down the integrity of your skin causing damage. If you are still using products that are not natural and organic, do yourself a favor and try some of these. Your face will thank you!

As a health-conscious mama, I would love to say I create all my own makeup and skin care products but I just don’t have that kind of time. So, instead, I rounded up some of my favorite natural, organic and affordable beauty products. There is no reason you should continue to use inferior products.


For the Face


Christina Moss Naturals – Natural organic face moisturizing cream – anti- aging anti-wrinkle for all skin types












Harvest Natural Beauty – Perfecting organic liquid foundation. Color adjusting and nourishing – 100% Natural and Certified Organic. 













Physicians Formula Organic Wear – Natural Organic tinted moisturizer. 













Era Organics – Natural organic face moisturizer cream – 16 – 1 facial cream for day and night use –












BaeBlu – Natural Organic Cream Blush Stick.










For The Eyes


Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – Natural eyeshadow duos.












Harvest Natural – Natural organic eyeshadow













100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara – Natural and organic lengthening, volumizing and strengthens














Endlessly Beautiful – All natural organic mascara – for lash growth, lengthening and volume.













Benecos – Natural organic eyeliner – long lasting non smear













For The Lips



Evxo – Natural organic lipstick – long lasting and has protection from the sun













AMA LURRA – Natural organic lip balm – moisturizing with beeswax and vitamin E













NARDOS – Natural Lip Gloss made with coconut oil















Prim and Pure – Natural and organic lip-gloss – pigmented base with vitamins















For The Body



O Naturals – Natural and organic bar soap collection – infused with essential oils













Tree to Tub – Natural and organic face and body wash – made from natural soap berries















Tree to Tub – Natural and organic body lotion – made from natural soap berries













What are your favorite natural beauty brands or products? 

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