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How To Master The No Makeup Look

How To Master The No Makeup Look…. Like A Pro!

This might be a shocking subject coming from a beauty blogger, but I think it’s important to feel confident enough in your own skin. We live in the world where women are expected to always look flawless and on fleek. In this new wave of feminism, women are worried less about looking beautiful to fit into society standards. Instead, they’re more focused on what they contribute to the world around them without being on a superficial level. In other words, daring to bare…. *your face* is the epitome of #girlpower. Plus I need my beauty sleep just as much as the next person.

So about one year ago, I decided – Happiness is the best makeup. I am going to share with you all the tricks I use to jump out of bed and look even better than when I apply a full face of makeup. Your skin will thank you for it and I want to help you build that confidence in yourself. Because you know what? You’re beautiful just the way you are. So work what your mama gave you.

I know, I know. Easier said than done. I have had a lot of time to practice and its getting easier.


Here are 10 different things you can do to look fresh faced without the use of cosmetics:

1. Drink Lots of Water. It is a no brainer, but you must drink a lot of water and plenty of sleep so your skin has a chance to naturally look bright and hydrated. Hydrated body = healthy & radiant skin. Your skin is like a sponge. When it is dry it’s rough and brittle. When saturated it gets smoother and more pliable.

2. Exfoliate regularly. It doesn’t even have to be every day. Most people recommend to exfoliate twice or three times a week, who has time for that, am I right? Often we forget that our skin takes a beating every day – the pollution, makeup, stress, sweat…. It all takes a toll on how it looks and behaves. And our skin enjoys revenge, am I right? Exfoliating removes the dead layer of skin cells. That layer, if not removed, gives you this tired and dull look that makes you reach for a concealer because – undereye bags. And that layer also stops your other skincare products from working to their fullest potential! You can use all the moisturizers and oils you want, but if you don’t exfoliate, you’ll end up using a lot more of these products and get a lot less results. No need to waste money on all those products if we are going to get the most use out of them.


3. Moisturize. Now that your skin is exfoliated and fresh you can move on to your favorite moisturizer. I like to use a vitamin C or other antioxidant serum this is super important in the no-makeup look. Dry skin is not something anyone wants as it makes your face looks really dull and matte. If I do this people think I am sick! Make sure you choose a moisturizer that is best suited for your face. If you can do it right you will get glowing skin that will reflect the light better than any highlighter! Think of all that money and time you could save!

4. Invest in a bottle of coconut / castor oil. I am sure you are sick of seeing that coconut oil cures everything. Truly It is like a magic potion. It helps with absolutely everything. You can use a coconut oil to give a subtle, non-greasy reflection on the tops of the cheeks, center of the eyelids, under the arch of the brow, in the brows, on the face, rub on acne scares and on the lips.

5. Keep your hands busy. Keep your nails clean, trimmed, and shaped, and use a coconut/ cuticle oil to avoid cracks and hangnails. I am not trying to tell you what to do, but keep your hands away from your face. I have this nasty habit of picking on all the pimples and dry skin and just rubbing my forehead or eyes. Let me tell you now – it’s a no no. Think about all the things you touch during the day. All of the germs and oils from what you touch in the day are transferred from your palms onto your delicate skin on your face. The skin turns red and breaks out. All the hard work is now down the drain. Is it really worth it?

6. Smile big. Keep your teeth brushed, flossed and rinsed (use a whitening regimen if you feel you need help fighting stains), you look beautiful – be confident and smile. Smiling makes you feel good! Everyone looks beautiful with a smile.

7. Groom your eyebrows. Plucking any stray hairs and trimming them so that they’re more manageable and keep their shape. You can also use coconut oil to keep wild hairs in line. (I know you can throw coconut at anything at this point). This will make your eyebrows look tidy and beautiful. Having perfectly shaped brows can do wonders for your face by framing your eyes, therefore making them the center of attention.

8. Pick the right mask. Use masks formulated for your specific skin concerns so that you’re more likely to have clear, radiant skin.


9. Style your hair. Since you will be saving time with the no makeup routine. Style your hair so it can compliment the outfit. Well dressed with a nice hairstyle makes anyone feel like a million bucks. Not sure the amount of times I have walked out the hair salon, fresh blow-out, no makeup and still feel like the most beautiful human.

10. Love yourself. Don’t let society kill your vibe. Seriously, when is the last time you looked in the mirror and said “I’m Beautiful Today?” Cut yourself some slack. Love the skin you are in. You are beautiful! You are amazing! You are worth everything! The minute you feel comfortable with your natural look you will realize that makeup is just a tiny addition in your life that you don’t actually need. Confidence is radiating. So try and love yourself like nobody else ever could.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you found it useful.

How do you feel about not wearing makeup?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Coconut oil DOES work on everything!!! I love your candor and the practical tips, and I have one more to add – massaging in a more intense/heavy moisturizer at night for a minute or two, instead of just applying it, helps break up some of those fascial adhesions (aka lines and wrinkles) and stimulates collagen production. Then all that lovely moisture can soak in overnight and in the morning your face looks supple and youthful. Bam!
    Love your blog!!! Your girls are the cutest!!!

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    blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope
    you write again soon!

  3. Can you expand this? You’ve penned a great post regardless, so thanks!

  4. Thanks for this practical opinion on what is usually an overlooked topic. Mind if I link this with my group?

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